SkillsCraft™: Unveil, Refine, Excel

  • 1.5 Hours Duration

  • Personal Conference Room

About The Service

Whether you're looking to stand out in your current role, advance in your career or switch to a new field or role, SkillsCraft™ enables you to position yourself to thrive in your career.

The SkillsCraft™ is a dynamic opportunity that offers you a targeted approach to skills improvement. We target the session to your specific needs to guide and support you in evaluating and elevating your existing skillset - enhancing both your proficiency and value. By helping you identify the skills that are in high demand in the industry of your choosing and guiding you in developing a plan to acquire or refine them, be they technical skills, soft skills or a combination of both.

By the end of the session, you will be in a well equipped position to take control of your professional growth by focusing on skills development that directly supports your career goals.

Provided by


Tilern De Bique 


Assess participant's current skill set and areas for improvement
Identify skills that are in high demand within their industry
Develop strategies and steps to enhance specific skills


Gain insights into your existing skills, strengths and gaps
Receive clear actionable path for skill enhancement
Boost your career prospects by acquiring valuable skills that make you more competitive
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