Discovery Call

  • 20 Minutes Duration

  • Personal Meeting Room

About The Service

This brief yet impactful meeting is designed to be an open and candid conversation. Here, we learn more about you and your career, your goals and unique challenges and we introduce ourselves, our expertise and how we can help elevate your career and life. By exploring your vision and discussing how our expertise can support your objectives we'll determine whether our values, approach and capabilities are mutually compatible and aligned with your your requirements at this time of the call.

This is NOT a coaching call. Instead, it is an opportunity to see if any of our programs can provide the support needed to help you address the challenge(s) you are facing in achieving you goals and objectives. this session is based on transparency so it I don't believe we can offer the best solution for you at the time we have our call, I will endeavour where possible to provide you with relevant referrals.

By the end of our 20 minutes together, we aim to outline potential next steps that align with your goals.

Provided by


Tilern De Bique 


Gain clarity on your goals and aspirations
Identify areas for improvement and growth
Determine  mutual compatibility
Receive customised support options for next steps


Obtain clarity around goals and areas for improvement to advance in your career and personal life
Determine is we're a mutually compatible fit for long-term support
Understand the ways in which we can support you and the options available for you
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